Some people love the winter here in Spain, no matter how cold it gets. We are certainly not all so accustomed and it would be safe to say that there are more winter sun lovers out there than people trying to get away from it. No wonder that Costa Del Sol is still so popular for the place to be when escaping the brutal British weather. It’s certainly not just the British who find the weather. Holiday makers and citizens alike we can see why.

First there is the most obvious I guess – the glistening sunshine and the direct flights coming from all around the world and luxury accommodation for the both tourists and those traveling in to visit their families who have moved over to the Costa del Sol. It’s such an easy choice to make, but for those who are visiting, we want to present an informed list of attractions that we know will keep you coming to Marbella as you number one holiday destination time and time again.

Perfect temperatures: With an amazing 7 to 8 hours of wonderful sunshine every day and temperatures averaging at around 20ºC between October and April, this is the perfect time to set up and relax in luxury. There isn’t too much chance of drizzly days and you won’t be getting overly hot while you go about your holiday in Marbella.

Culture: The majority of towns in the Costa del Sol are full of culture and each can boast about their own unique attractions. There is so much to choose from – Malaga, for example, is a real gem for sight seeing and for those who appreciate a new cultural experience… There are many attractions to satisfy your curiosity, such as the Cathedral, Alcazaba and the Picasso Museum, of course there are so many others to visit.. Granada’s Alhambra Palace is truly a experience to hold tight with its breath taking architecture and fascinating views, while Marbella’s Puerto Banus presents the perfect setting for shopping and dining weekends.

Chillout time: Everyone has something they want to take a break from, whether it be work or a desire for a change of scenery. There are over twenty beaches to choose from on the Costa Del Sol and they are a little more peaceful than at peak season so you’ll have so much opportunity to listen to the glistening waves coming in and shake off and wind down.

Day trips to the Andalucian villages: The sleepy white towns around the Costa Del Sol are beautiful, and just like all the towns, each is welcoming for it’s own reasons. It can be very soothing for the soul to take a little break from the lime light and see what these picturesque little places have to offer.

The food: Well, of course, Spanish foo is not only delicious but full of nutritional value. And not just the food – the tantalising cocktails too! Spain nothing if not famous for it’s mouth watering cuisine and drinks to suit even the busiest of diners. Although some might be closed in the winter period, a few beach bar ‘chiringuitos’ will happily satisfy you with a selection of exquisite tapas, and you can find the typical dish of Malaga – paellas, and other delicacies cooked to your liking all over the Costa del Sol. A cool jug of Sangria should be the perfect complement to your meal, and if wine is your thing, you can get clued up on one of the many wine-tasting sessions available.

Easy flights: There is no shortage of airports around the world and a large amount offers regular flights into Málaga. If you are coming in from Europe, you’re looking at two to 3 hours maximum, which will only make a small dent in your day. Be careful to check the baggage allowance in advance, if you’re coming for a while!

Retail therapy: Marbella is shopping central and there really is something for everyone on the Costa Del Sol. You will find many of the local markets(in Puerto Banus on a Saturday) and shopping centres you are bound to find the momentos you are looking for. We all need to keep up with the latest fashion trends, so rest assured that there are options to suit every taste and style.

Outdoor activities: The Costa Del Sol is often called the ‘Costa del Golf’ and I am safe to say there is a big reason for that! There are over fifty golf courses in the area, and sorry to say a large amount of ‘golf widows’ as a result, haha! While the man of the house (or the woman, for the matter) is polishing their golf swing, why not get involved in one of the many other activities in the area? You’ve got mountain climbing, horse-riding, jet skiing, night clubbing, swimming, site seeing, – even cycling or quad biking?

The above reasons are just scratching the surface when it comes to attractions in this beautiful part of Spain. But don’t take our word for it, you need to come and see for yourself! We are more than happy to hear your wants and desires when holidaying in Marbella and we love to share what we know about each area. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email here at Ways of Luxury.