When contemplating buying or renting a luxury property, in Marbella it is important to know that trying to go it alone is loaded with pitfalls that may not be seen clearly until it’s too late.  This then raises the question of..

Why is it so important to work with a Ways of Luxury?

So when becoming involved in the home buyer’s market it must be understood that to work with a true and trusted professional, already established in their field would only be a bonus.  As they are truly aware of all the areas to cover, what needs to done and how to circumvent any issues that may arise.  This can only come from a proven professional company with a team of hands on individuals, who are totally experienced in their field.

With a true professional on hand, you also have someone who is a skilled negotiator and can help you finalise a deal that will suit both parties.  As this help is coming from a trusted real estate agent, it will be taken a lot more seriously and is more likely to become a reality for you than a fantasy.

Without an Estate Agent?

To assume to undertake the huge responsibility of the property market may only lead you down the path of disaster.  There are so many different and sometimes conflicting areas to navigate that it would become a minefield for the individual person trying to go it alone, especially in another country with entirely different rules and regulations.

This is why it is not only the sensibly but mandatory thing you should, as you will be busy enough, dealing with your own personal agendas which will take up a lot of your time and energy.  Plus it is going to cost you a lot more than just money if something unexpected does arise that could have foreseen and dealt with in an initial transaction.  This is where Ways of Luxury can assist you with every detail in your search for a property in Marbella or the selling of your property on the Costa del Sol.

Estate Agents know their trade

Estate agents already know the market, inside and out so it is much easier for them to help you in difficult or unforeseen areas.  It is easier for them to find you the perfect property or find you the perfect buyer if you are selling.  There will already be a team of specialists at their disposal, including lawyers, home inspectors and loan officers etc, that you would not only have to deal with but to find in the first place.  This is extremely time consuming, potentially hazardous and will just create more unnecessary pressure for you.

They will have at their disposal a ready made team of professional people necessary for completing the tasks set to them, with minimal fuss and with an efficient manner.  They will know who to call, (or who not to,) be it a lawyer, home inspector or loan officer etc, that is to name a few.  So ask yourself if you really want to spend time looking around for these individual people, try to organise them all whilst trying to juggle all the balls that are up in the air already?

Different country different rules.

This is such an important area to cover.  Even if you have had previous experience of buying and selling property in your home country, there will be many aspects of another country that will be totally different to what you have experienced before.  It would be very unwise therefore to assume that the same rules apply in another country like Spain.  There are many regulations here that would have to be covered extensively beforehand and this can only be initiated with a team of professionals.

There will be different laws to abide by and even some that you never knew existed, not to mention the possible language barrier.  Therefore to have a real estate already on board to deal with the relevant areas and pitfalls would only make perfect sense.  By collaborating with a professional that can advise you about all of these things first hand and make the relevant moves, you are actually more in control of the situation.

Find a trusted Estate Agent.

A well rounded, established estate agent knows only too well how important it is to the client to be there for them throughout the entire process.  They know how to take off the pressure of buying and selling your home and not add to it.  They know how important these crucial steps are to the client and will do all they can to assist them in their search.

There have also been many incidences arising over the years, where certain real estate agencies have been prosecuted for selling illegal properties.  This is why it is more important than ever to find a trusted one, with a bricks and mortar business and a long proven track record.  Don’t become another statistic of this nasty trap, find yourselves a reputable company like Ways of Luxury that will hold your hand and walk you through.

So if you are thinking about buying or selling your property in Marbella or on the Costa del Sol, then it is crucial that you consult with an expert to guide you through the process.  A stable and secure business, with a hands on team of specialised property experts, there for you whenever you need them.  So any questions you may have will be timely answered, any extra help will be given where needed and any problems or issues that may arise will be brought to your attention and dealt with accordingly.

You can trust Ways of Luxury to do this.  It is our mission to leave no stone unturned, leaving you with peace of mind, pressure free and able to make your own personal arrangements and decisions for your future.

Welcome to your new home!